How to effectively promote your business on Facebook?

Promote your business on Facebook

Promote your business on Facebook

More than ten million carefully profiled clients available on your doorstep is a real value that Facebook offer companies wishing to promote their products. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this potential, then this article is just for you.

From the article you will learn

What is engaging content, how to promote your business using the methods of content marketing,
how to take advantage of the potential of Facebook to promote your business, how to define goals and measure the results of your campaign on Facebook, to make it more effective.
Every fourth Pole actively using the world’s largest social network. Facebook has become synonymous with social media, a kind of Tower of Babel besieged by people of different faiths, professions and interests. Businesses Facebook is a very attractive place to promote their brand by shortening the distance of the recipient and the possibility of reaching the message to a large group of people actually “right away.” The same information on Facebook spreads virally – it means that users are consuming content, transmit them using the “pass it on” to their friends. In this way, information, promoting naturally into the social network, it can traverse very large “distance”. Moreover, the source of providing content to the deeper levels of social media networks themselves are friends, which eliminates the characteristic problem of the origin of advertising content (the devaluation). In a word: it is easier to block than advertising messages from a friend.


Demographic melting pot of more than $ 10 million the number of Facebook users in Irealnd is a huge marketing potential and a great challenge to what, “says brand” on Facebook, has been noticed, and aroused the desired reaction among recipients of published content.

Fondness Facebook page, liking published entry, the provision or left in the comment are not an end in itself. They are elements of a deliberate mechanism by which a user’s friends on Facebook will see what is in him sparked the involvement, thus leading to viral promotion of information on the web.

“Content is king”

In the reported value of the ecosystem being the face of the brand on Facebook and what you are allowed to promote in the crowd, it is content, that is, generally speaking: content made available online by the brand. Those involving pay attention, enrich the fans and excite them into action, making it themselves willingly interested in do not get involved and share links leading to that content.

Effective promotion on Facebook is so strongly associated with engaging Content that catches the eye and stirs emotions in users. Let us remember that Facebook instantly “talk to each other” thousands of individuals and companies. Each user is connected to an average of approx. 140 friends and likes to dozens of corporate Fan pages therefore we need a strong impetus to focus his attention and arouse the motivation to perform an action under the influence of this one, the most important statement provided by the company’s fan page. The campaign, which not only approaches the user to the brand, but also give a strong signal of his friends that “something interesting happens” and it is worth to participate.

It is said that the content provided by the brand governs the actions of consumers. There’s a lot of truth, because the content they affect the perception of people gathered on Facebook. Publications appearing in this website are consumed by the audience through News Feed, or array, which fall into the information published by your friends and liked pages.
Let us not confuse but of Content only published posts on Facebook, which are often only a door to the right, in which the audience can engage and which they want to share with friends.

Engaging content is characterized by a high value for the customer, it arouses emotions, bringing some added value (teaches, entertains, delights, etc.), Which is a catalyst for action. This could be the tangible, eg. Knowledge about how to do something, reward, discount, gift or the value of emotional, for example. Funny pictures, which can be shared with others, adding to the group of winners on the page, an opportunity to present themselves in the gallery, etc. .

Features of appointment of Content

While it is not easy to prepare original and “active” materials such as pictures (eg. Memes), videos (eg. A bummer TV presenters) or texts (eg. A funny anecdote) respectively resonate with the values of the brand, so much in an accessible manner can create involving promotions in the form of contests with prizes and discount coupons available from Facebook.
Same graphics and texts can also simply not sufficient to maintain the commitment at a high level and periodically need a stronger signal in the form of organized promotion on Facebook carried out by external application promotion. These are the tools that interact with the service, which allows quick preparation of promotion coupon or professional contest with prizes stimulating the competitive spirit in users and thus enabling better use Facebook to promote your own business. This is possible because the appropriate application contest, each participant automatically become a source of information about the promotion for his friends. Just send the contest entry, some comments or even vote on selected notification to friends of that user they had the opportunity to see a notification on their boards.

Moreover, promotions on Facebook can be easily enhanced with the local context, which often triggers local patriotism among users, and this in turn motivates them further. A good example can be here competitions text in which you have to come up with a Polish name of a known object or food for example. “Invent a Polish name Sushi”, etc.

Contest on Facebook is a great way to promote a company in this service also from a technical point of view: is supplied as a beautifully designed, functional website you can also be viewed by users currently logged in to Facebook;
It is an attractive content, which may to link advertising on Facebook Ads;
It allows you to build an e-mail database of contact members;
It allows you to invite friends to participate with the application.
Contest or promotion coupon prepared using an external application are therefore in themselves an engaging Content expanding capabilities of the standard fan page. In addition, as it happens in competitions, you can win a prize by sending notification of competition, text or photos / graphics. All of these actions will generate information that is published on the Facebook profile of the user, so the news of the promotion is sent into space Facebook so friends can also join in the fun.

Properly conducted the contest also allows you to build a contact base of customers, who can be then contacted via e-mail (thank you for participation in the competition and congratulate the award, while smuggling information about the brand / offer).

Power promotion advertising Facebook Ads

Facebook, offering its advertising program, Facebook Ads and allowing paid promotion posts, opens up a huge opportunity to accurate profiling of the target audience of advertising and promotion of its model range. The ads are so often the chosen instrument by which information about the competition or promotion coupon can reach up high and specific audience.

Ads Facebook Ads allow very accurate profiling due to location, gender, age, interests, profession, etc. This allows you to precisely model the target group derived from an entire population of Facebook. One word: your ad will appear not accidental recipients.

Advertising can be to link to the post on the fan page of your company, with external web site or application promotion. The challenge is that more and more people are resistant to all forms of advertising. Nevertheless, well-chosen graphics and the content of the slogan can propel the heavy traffic to the linked object in this type of transmission.

Another possibility of placing ads on Facebook is a paid promotion posts published by the corporate website. Such “advertising” offers less opportunities profiling, but it can be much more effective because it is a post or message that looks natural. You can choose between two methods of promoting it. The first provides a display to post all the fans of the page and their friends and other allows simple targeting, but not so rich in options like a typical advertisement on Facebook.

Both advertising products services have their advantages, but the promoted post is so “easy to use” and effective that even novice marketers can successfully apply it.

Examples of the use of Facebook Ads Let’s illustrate with an example. After starting the example. Promotion of competition on Facebook publish a few posts that encourage current fans to take part in the fun with a link to the application. After a few hours of publication can run a paid promotion post which was the most effective. In this way, the fans and their friends learn about the run action.

Various models of promotion on Facebook

Promotions on Facebook is an effective method of acquiring new fans and customers. It is also an excellent way to engage already living community, which at one time worth to thank you for your presence and activity in a fun, entertaining way. By entering the promotion, it is worth considering who will be involved in the action, current or new customers.

Engaging the current customer site transactions

In this case, the promotion is to express gratitude to the customer. The person that you connect your company / brand relationship for at least a successful transaction, eg. With these words: “Thank you for your purchase. On our fan page on Facebook waiting for Mr / Ms discount coupon for _______. ”

In this way, the vendor can engage the customer to visit the company’s Facebook page and began to work. To receive a coupon, it is a fan of the page and thereby develops a close relationship with the brand, which from now on will host its Facebook array.

Potentially, it is doubly valuable because it has at least once made a purchase, and if you receive a discount coupon, it is a high probability that it will conduct another transaction. This is a good time to shorten the distance by brand and to start communicating with the client.

Discount coupon may be much better as an incentive for a new transaction. It proves particularly effective in commercial activities related to the FMCG industry, where the relationship is based on a short contact customer dealer (both virtual and real) than the competition. This is due to “speed action” (to like page, I click and pick up a coupon) and are directly linked to the promotion coupon sales.

“Purchase and the Like” is a method which can also be used competition. The key to the contest can be sent photos of a receipt in a photo competition. Instead of pictures you can ask for the answer text, eg. What color flowers decorated the room shopping (competition text in the form of a plebiscite). This form seems to be ideal for cafes, beauty salons or hairdressers, generally wherever the service provider develops a close relationship with the customer.

Engaging new customer on Facebook

This scheme can be used when a user joins Facebook fans of the brand / company somewhat “blind”. Usually, under the recommendation of friends or as a result of involvement in the content of the company. The promotion is used to draw the user’s attention on the subject promoted, and this is the first step in establishing brand relationships with people. Building auditorium, which establishes the contact, so that the process of communication to delight and inspire you so that you feel a part of something special – perhaps even started work.

It and you have to inform about promotions that it existed in the minds of users. This can be done like this:

“Like us and download our discount on ______, which will fulfill our store.”
“All participants will receive a discount in the shop on password sent by e-mail.”
The possibilities are many and certainly effective promotion on Facebook is not a single shot but carefully planned series of complementary activities, which include daily communication through the corporate website (fan page) and engaging fans through of Content, including application promotion.

How to measure the effectiveness of promotion?

Prior to the promotion on Facebook, you need to specify clear and measurable targets promotion. This could be an increase in sales, increase website traffic, increase applications download , greater number of citations brand on Facebook, etc.
Achieving such objectives defined promotion can be easily verified. A good example is the company uPaid which follows verified achievement of its promotion of competition on Facebook: “From time to organize competitions on Facebook has increased the number of mobile app downloads, and within the first two days of the promotion the number of installations increased by 60%.”

By promoting your business on Facebook, you might want to experiment and enjoy many free information distribution channels to advertise promotions organized, because without informing the promotion does not arise in the minds of users.

Often a series of related promotion work better than a single action. Above all, it is good to define measurable business objectives, which are the benchmark for effective marketing activities on Facebook.

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